Everyone knows the most meaningful gifts come from the heart, so when you’ve worked with someone for 20 or 35 years, it must be easy to find a retirement present for them. However, gifts can get expensive and it can be tough to incorporate your entire memories (and the rest of the office’s) as one meaningful amaze.

Having owned a design firm for several years, I’ve seen multiple confused co-workers stop by my office inquiring what they can do with the photographs they’ve collected or another aesthetic, non-fleeting way they can celebrate a retiree’s job. I have dreamt upward many recommendations to offer my clients and I hope to ease someone else’s stress by sharing them with you.

My first part of advice is to ensure the present will final forever and will constantly remind the retiree how much they were really treasured. Let them know their good work and good company was noticed. My second piece of advice is to ensure the surprise won’t be stuffed away in a package to gather dust for the next 20 years. Make the gift idea something that the retiree is proud to display in their home.

For a memorable surprise that will provide years of beauty and memories for the Retirement memory book ideas, gather together photographs of the times the co-workers have spent together. From your holiday party to the last volunteer event everyone participated in, each and every image contains a memory that the retired person will never want to forget. Make sure every co-worker has provided images as the retiree may wish to keep in mind every person they have spent their time with. Then, create a collection of these collected pictures. For an extra special touch, add a important quote that captures the experiences, the ups and downs that everyone at your company has experienced together. When the collage is all finished, be sure to frame it for an irreplaceable, long-lasting old age gift.

Provide each person in the office with a big piece of scrapbooking paper and instructions to reminisce for a moment and then create a few memories they have got with the retiree. When no memories are quickly available in their mind, co-workers could simply write a heartfelt note to the retiree. Photos should also be included to spruce up the web page. Then, the pages could be decorated by someone at the office, sent out to scrapper for hire, or a digital scrapbooking website may also be used. Having written stories or notes can give the retiree something to check out and constantly know that the work they have dedicated their lives to was truly appreciated.

Having worked in the same place with the same people for so many years must produce some memorable items. Perhaps a chewed-up pen or a nameplate has been the butt of all office jokes for some time or there are some office supplies that the retiree has always used. In every person, there are a few noticeable quirks and things that they gravitate to. See if there is anyway you can get a little piece of these items, and so their remembrances, to put into a shadowbox. You can always include a few pictures as well or a quote or two.

When there is a poet in your office, or even if there is not, writing a heartfelt or funny composition about the retiree’s profession can offer years of humor and memories. Nobody even similar to a poet in your office? That’s OK – you can also use a collection of applicable quotes. The poem or quotations should be written on nice stationery and then framed so the retiree will be able to easily hang it upwards. This way, they are reminded every single day when they read or even glance at the poem as it hangs in their kitchen or living room.4